Dijon Music Branding

2023, Branding, Motion Design

The following university project was created during my final year at LISAA Paris École de Graphisme.
The goal of this project was to choose a musical artist’s album that we liked and then create three branding videos for them that fit with their style. The deliverables consisted of a short social media video, a looping album cover and finally a longer video displaying each of the tracks and their names.

My approach to this project was inspired heavily by mixed media animations and the growing presence of mixed media in graphic design as a whole. The artist I chose to use was Dijon,
an American musician who at the time of creating this project had more recently dropped his
first full-length album with an hour-long movie/music video which I used as the basis for
my creative process.

Social Media Video,  1080x1080

Left: Album Cover Loop 1080x1080px
Right: All Tracks Video, 1080x1080px